Sustainable workwear is our passion

We are a pioneer in sustainable workwear. Our goal is to make Finland's first carbon-neutral workwear and havethe widest selection of environmentally friendly materials.

What are we solving?

For us, workwear isn’t just workwear – it’s a whole lot more. Workwear is about the company’s brand, customer experience, employer satisafaction and efficient processes. That’s why we take a 360 degree approach when working with our customers to find the best solutions for their needs.

Why can’t we just produce workwear and be happy about it?

We think that if you produce something tangible to this planet, you must have a sustainable and solid solution of how to dispose it. We also think as a producer, we have to be a part of the solution and not make it someone else’s problem at the end of the day. We rather lead the way than believe that there is a plan B. That’s why our design philosophy and offering starts from RETHINK – REUSE – RECYCLE.
- We challenge our customers in the material choices that we make.
-We co-operate with innovative companies & partners, such as
Spinnova. (Spinnova tiedote)
- We offer a take-bake system for old textiles for our customers.

Where are we now?

We are a small team of professionals located in Helsinki.
Our growth pace in recent years has been fast and we are taking steps towards expanding our business abroad.A big milestone in Touchpoint’s journey was when the world’s first private equity fund focusing on circular economy, Taaleri Circular Economy Fund, invested in the company.

Where do we want to be?

Our goal is to change the world one workwear garment at a time. We want to maintain our position as the forerunner in sustainable workwear and provide solutions for a growing market. We have set ourselves a goal to solve the textile waste problem in a much larger scale. Stay tuned for more information!

We’re constantly looking for new  partners to co-operate with and talents to join our team. If youäre interested to learn more, give us a call or email us at