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Hesburger, part 1

”Easy to care, Easy to wear”

Hesburger’s new workwear collection has been made with an ecological touch from durable, high-quality materials from start to finish, making their lifecycle considerably longer than the majority of work clothes. Once again, the fast food chain Hesburger has taken a stance to strengthen its position as the international forerunner of sustainable development. All of Hesburger’s old uniforms are also recycled. They will be given a new use and, at the same time, they will provide employment in Finland and the Baltic countries.

”Hesburger is in a tight and long co-operation with TouchPoint, regarding work wear and recycle-products. Their work wear and recycle-product designs take the values of sustainable development into concrete actions.”

- Marko Salmela, Marketing and design manager Hesburger

Product demands

Suitable for a company following flavor and food trends. Ofcourse. Trendy. Like Hese-staff themselves. Easy to care and sustainable. That’s the way the burger crumbles.

Chosen materials

rPET = recycled polyester. 7 recycled plastic bottles were utilized in every shirt.

153 300 pcs

recycled plastic bottles

Thousands of meters


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