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Hesburger, part 2

”From workwear to terrace furniture”

It’s just so crazy to throw clothes into the trash if there’s still some use for them. And there is: as tables and chairs for example! Hesburger and Touchpoint have created something new together many times. This time we mixed together 5 000 kilos of Hamburger’s old workwear, threw in a thousand kilos of plastic reels and manufactured 50 brand new, composite material table and chair groups to decorate the yards of Hesburger restaurants. And were not talking about an unnecessary achievement at all because no one in the Nordic countries has ever before come up with the idea to use textile waste as the material to make composite. It could go worse for the working clothes; now they have returned to serve the restaurants customers. And they endure heavy use too, at least for the next 50 years.

”To us at Hesburger, responsibility is practical actions and that’s why we got excited about this project right away. We are glad to carry new trends forward as pioneers. With Touchpoint we got aboard the circular economy of textiles.”

- Marko Salmela, marketing and design manager, Hesburger

Product demands

Good looking, rough enough, suits Hesburger’s laidback and trendy style. From a material that endures freezing cold, blazing hot and heavy use – even partying on tables.

Chosen materials

Workwear that ended up as waste textiles and plastic reels that winded up as garbage. The composite material made from them is extremely endurable and the furniture manufacturer, the Netherlands Dutch Awearness, promises a 50 year guarantee for the products. Even after that the furniture doesn’t go to waste but can be made into new composite products.

5 000 kg

used workwear

1 000 kg

plastic reels used in aluminium yarn rolls

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