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RAFLA by TouchPoint

”At home in a good restaurant”

Why did we make Rafla-collection? Because there was not such a collection yet. The restaurant business was missing a relevant and street smart, modern and fresh work wear collection that could also be branded if needed. Rafla is primarily designed for customers who don’t want their own collection but want to stand out from the crowd. And how was Rafla born? We put together two talented young designers: Sirpa Anundi and Piia Emilia (Young Designer of the Year 2014). Then we mixed in the professional input from Savoy restaurants master chef and kitchen manager Kari Aihinen.

”Chefs are a lot on display nowadays so besides sustainable and practical the clothes must be extremely good looking too. This has been one important point in this project and we have been very successful in it. Another important point is the products ecological efficiency: I work and represent an ecological restaurant (Savoy) and of course if I wear TouchPoints ecological jacket it’s also a part of the same ideology.”

- Kari “Kape” Aihinen, master chef and restaurant keeper

Product demands

Laid-back, modern and fresh workwear collection that is easily branded if needed. For customers who don’t want their own collection but who want to be distinguished from the masses. For kings of the restaurants.

Chosen materials

Rafla is a contribution to sustainable and ecological development. Regenerated materials, Ecolabel- and SecondLife –fabrics and organic cotton play a big role in this collection. Rafla is produced 90% in neighboring area.


Finnish design


nearby production

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