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Sustainable competitive advantage (working) garment at a time

We design and produce work wear that is ecological, bold and represent the new era.

The world is full of materials that no longer have use. And that’s not the materials’ fault. The scapegoat can be discovered in a prevailing disposable culture and lack of imagination. For if you have vision and an eye for creativity, almost anything can be turned into something new and functional – more stylish than old, smarter than brand new.

Where did it all begin?

TouchPoint was born out of passion to do good and right. The company story began in 2008 when TouchPoint decided to start practicing good and profitable business as a means to spread the word of sustainable development.

Determined to focus on circular economy and sustainability, the company started developing its business and together with clients we have already created many significant stories and achievements within circular economy.

Outi Luukko

Three reasons to change the world with us:

1. Design of the future / Future design

We have seen the future of design: it is sustainable, insightful and timelessly stylish. It lives in products that are made in consideration of the customer and also our planet. Young Finnish designers know how to succeed in this.

TouchPoint is a forerunner in eco-design. In addition to insightful design, functionality, sustainability and comfort are in the core of our design-process. Beautiful endures time. The basis of our designing is 100-percent eco-materials, utilizing surplus materials, the sustainability and lifecycle of the product and a no waste paradigm. In addition to work wear we also design corporate gifts and recycled products that stand out for the advantage of your brand.

2. Passion for a better workday

We are inspired by our customers. We do our work with heart, passion and buttocks in it. And with unconditional expertise, of course.

We always familiarize ourselves with our customers’ needs and field of business carefully, for example through a thorough field study and brand-identity understanding. Customers inquiring about our success prove that we are on the right path.

3. We tailor the best customer experiences

Not one case is the same. Fortunately. Together we find the most natural way to make concrete choices for the benefit of the environment that also strengthen your company’s story. We can offer you the whole package from designing to production and from storing to fashion shows on demand.

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