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Help where it is the most needed


Our healthcare sector is at the forefront of fighting against the devil. The crisis is by no means beat yet and it will surely take a lot of time before our daily life is going in phase with the “new normal”. At Touchpoint, the support towards the healthcare sector has emerged from active dialogue with the specialists of the sector and fro collaboration in product development. We have allocated our resources and production capacities to ensure solutions of sustainable development also for this field of business. In practice, this means that the protective equipment for our customers is daily manufactured through us. Currently, we have focused on washable protective jackets, washable face masks made of microfiber fabric, face masks manufactured by local fiber manufactory and healthcare workwear collections such as doctors' jackets and nurses' apparels.

Additionally, our solutions offer the possibility of circular economy model for washable products. This means that in the end of its life cycle, the product will be delivered to our forthcoming removal textile plant. Here, instead of incinerating the products, the products will be processed to a new raw material which can be exploited by various industries.

For the last months, the priority has been the understanding of the demand that is the most acute and also to be able to conceptualize how the “new normal” will appear. How this pandemic will remodel the line of businesses and what kind of sustainable solutions we could enable for the future demand.

If you are interested in our solutions and enthusiastic to improve the everyday work life of sustainable development, please feel free to contact us: hello@touchpoint.fi 

Thanks to all the healthcare heroes who are fighting at the forefront. Your work effort is invaluable. According to the President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö: “For the one, who overcomes the impossible, everything will be possible - all the good that the life has to offer”.