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Warm summer greetings!


The year 2020 has changed the world view of all of us, with impacts that are probably going further than we initially realized. The overriding concern has been the effects of the pandemic crisis to peoples' health and safety. The time before the Corona crisis seems distant although there are only few months with anxiety behind us. Even today, Touchpoint is looking ahead from Corona, to a sustainable tomorrow. 

 There are two big changes behind us; we bought our partner Domino Workwear Ltd. and along with that we are growing by a great leap forward, in addition, we announced that we are promoting sustainable development through the Rester circular economy plant. The changes are not coincidences, but purposeful steps have been taken towards them for a long period of time. From two teams is being honed one - by combining the knowledge, processes, and learning something new. The circular economy will change the direction of the textile industry permanently, as being a step towards a resource-wise future. 

 The most recent change is the strengthening of the Touchpoint's board. As a new member of the board we are welcoming textile industry’s woman influencer, Anna-Kaisa Auvinen (LL.M.). Anna-Kaisa – in a friendly way “A-K” – has taken the entire textile industry forward in her last position as a CEO of STJM. Her heart is throbbing strongly with sustainability and the circular economy. What a great basis for a joint Touchpoint journey. From now on, Touchpoint's board will be Tero Luoma, Outi Luukko, Akseli Reho, Pekka Rajala and Anna-Kaisa Auvinen. We look forward to the time after the summer and future board work! 

 During this exceptional time resurfaces the feeling of gratefulness. We are in a lucky position, since we get to create something new, together with our partners. Thanks to our customers - without you, there is no us. Thanks to our partners - without you, there is no set of power. By fostering courage, spicing with humor, caring for each other, we make things happen, for a better tomorrow. 

 Finland's summer is the best in the world, so, let’s take a little break and charge the batteries in the sigh of the summer wind. Let’s refresh our thoughts, take a deep breath, dream and give ourselves a chance to get stronger. That's what summer and holiday are all about. 

 Sustainable summer greetings,

Touchpoint team