Closed-loop solutions

Workwear also means waste. But we can take care of it in a responsible and innovative way.

The world is drowning in waste. In Scandinavia alone, we produce over 350 million kilos of textile waste every year. Most of this is burnt. We don’t want to be a part of this.

We provide a unique solution for our customers to get rid of their waste textiles in a sustainable manner. This means that we collect waste textiles from our customers and, together with our partners, we combine the waste textile with recycled plastic to produce composite. Composite can be used as a building material, for example in furniture. 



Our latest closed-loop case was carried out with our partner Hesburger. We turned the employees’ old workwear into terrace furniture that is used by customers in their restaurants. By now, there are about 100 of these table sets in Hesburger restaurants around Finland.  

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