Other people see trash. We see possibilities.

More than 80% of our products are made from recycled materials. The main materials used are: 


RPES can be made for example from recycled plastic bottles, which are washed, crushed, and refibered into polyester threads. These threads can then be used to produce new fabric helping us avoid using natural resources. High-quality and durable polyester is perfect for workwear, which needs to last in tough conditions. So why not make use of recycled material in its production? 

During one year we used a total of 345 000 recycled plastic bottles to provide SOL’s 10 000 employees with new workwear. Using rPES helped the company save 35 072 kg of CO2 emissions – this equals 200 car rides across Finland. Read more

Cutting waste 

Whenever a garment is made, a certain amount of cutting waste is generated in the process. Instead of throwing it away, the raw material is collected, sorted by color and quality, and opened mechanically back into the fiber. Then the fibers are mixed with recycled polyester and spun into new yarn, which is used to make new fabric. 

Using this approach we designed a new collection for Hesburger, where every t-shirt saves approximately 2700 liters of water compared to classic virgin cotton manufacturing. Read more about Hesburger’s circular workwear solutions

Left-over fabrics

Sometimes perfectly good material is left over in our partners’ stock, but can be useful for our customers. These types of design projects where we use left-over fabrics are always customized to meet your needs.

Our stock was full of perfectly usable denim fabric. We used this to create one of our most popular products – the denim apron for Picnic.

Innovative new materials 

We want to maintain our position as the forerunner in sustainable workwear. This is why we are constantly exploring new opportunities and innovations that help us decrease our carbon footprint. We collaborate with companies that share our values and push us to become more sustainable.

We teamed up with Spinnova, a sustainable fibre company that develops ecological breakthrough technology for manufacturing cellulose-based textile fibre. Together we aim to develop the most sustainable workwear in the world. Read more.