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In MasterChef’s fast-paced kitchen the cooking is done wearing Touchpoint aprons


In the MasterChef 2020 season, which started on MTV3 in September 2020, the chef candidates will be tested in various ways. While the atmosphere in the kitchen may occasionally heat up, competitors will be able to prepare delicious main courses and mouth-watering desserts in the practical and fitted aprons provided by Touchpoint.

Touchpoint manufactures durable workwear for any situation, including fast-paced cooking shows. In the MasterChef kitchen, competitive situations require practical and durable workwear. From Touchpoint, competitors received aprons important for individual and team competitions as work clothes in the kitchen. In addition, MasterChef judges Kari Aihinen, Tomi Björck and Sikke Sumari will use chef jackets made by Touchpoint in the series finale.

The aim was to produce the products from the most environmentally friendly materials as possible. The blue and white aprons are sewn from Touchpoint surplus fabrics, while the white chef’s jackets and black and red aprons are made from recycled polyester from used plastic bottles.

The aprons and chef jackets are remanufactured from a total of 780 half-liter plastic bottles. Because the products are made from recycled material, 1 235 liters of water and 35 kilograms of CO2 emissions were spared in the manufacture of MasterChef aprons and chef jackets.

The workwear delivered to MasterChef are made with consideration to their intended use. Aprons that cover enough prevent competitors from getting their own clothes dirty. The easy adjustability of the aprons, on the other hand, guarantees their fit and optimal ergonomics for every chef.

Good work clothes improve well-being at work

While the best dish wins the competition, workwear also plays an important role in the professional kitchen. Comfortable, well-fitting and durable work clothes are important for chefs during long days. When feeling good in their clothes, a cooking professional can focus on the essential, conjuring delicious portions.

“Environmental values and responsibility are strongly rising themes in restaurant work. In addition to usability, these important values are also at the heart of Touchpoint clothing. We want to offer the user of workwear a better working day, whilst the workwear at its best is an important part of the well-being at work,” says Outi Luukko, CEO of Touchpoint.