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Touchpoint & Klopman/TDV developing a workwear-to-workwear collection


Sustainable workwear company Touchpoint and Europe’s leading workwear fabric manufacturer Klopman/TDV are developing a new, high-quality workwear fabrics that will contain recycled textiles originating from end-of-life workwear.

The old workwear is collected from Touchpoint’s customers and recycled by Rester Ltd into new, recycled textile fibre. Klopman /TDV has a long experience and vast know-how from manufacturing high-quality workwear materials that are suitable for industrial laundry standards. The fabrics and related garments will be launched in the beginning of 2023– stay tuned!

"Our vision has been to close the loop for workwear and we’re excited and thrilled to develop this new material with our long-term partner Klopman-TDV!  We’re aiming high right away in this project as the target is to develop a workwear fabric and garments with the highest workwear standards for quality and durability, while using recycled fibres from old workwear at the end of their first lifecycle. For our teams at Touchpoint and Rester, this is also a great hands-on learning experience on the complexities and requirements of workwear fabric production." – NOORA SALONOJA, CEO OF TOUCHPOINT