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Touchpoint of view: Diving into the Touchpoint supply chain


We consider it important that we visit the production sites ourselves and that our communication is smooth and regular, even in exceptional circumstances with the pandemic. The long-planned visit of our entire team to our Estonian partner factories was finally completed in early June 2022. It was a great experience to be there with the whole Touchpoint team.

Not all of us are in daily contact with our factories and partners so face-to-face visits are really important. It was a pleasure to meet our quality controllers as well as our local representatives and partners. Following the work of the professionals was inspiring, especially since the pandemic we have not been able to travel as much as before. Regular visits to our production sites also help us to develop our operations.  

Our goal is to increase the exchange of information and discussion with our production partners. We standardized and launched our own personnel audits of our factory partners in the fall of 2021. We aim to conduct an internal review of each active production site in Vietnam and to audit the 5 most significant production sites in Estonia.

You can read more about our supply chain from our responsibility report from here.